How long will I have to go to DUI classes if convicted in California?


How long will I have to go to DUI classes if convicted in California?


When a person is convicted of a DUI in the state of California they are generally ordered to attend DUI classes. When this happens there are many questions regarding the subject discussed the length of the course, and who is usually part of this class. To some degree the answers to these questions will vary from state to state and also from individual to individual, but there are some general responses to consider.

Once a person has been convicted of a DUI charge and sentenced the next step in the process is to take an alcohol and drug assessment. This assessment is used to determine the particular conditions that will apply to your DUI class program as well as any probation. For first-time offenders the requirement of attendance in DUI classes is generally several months and can be completed in anywhere from 3 months to 6 months. The classes only last a few hours. However, for those who were convicted with high blood alcohol content (BAC), or who have already received multiple DUI offenses, they will be required to attend a long-term program of classes that could take 18 months or more to complete.

The classes require that those attending report to classes that last only a few hours. The subject matter covered in these short classes will items that address the effects of alcohol on the body, your state's DUI laws, and will be supported by anecdotes about other DUI offenders or their victims regarding the severe consequences of driving while impaired. In many states attendance may be all that is required and there will be no tests or follow up examinations.

In those cases where long-term DUI classes are required, the expectations will be quite different. To begin with abstinence from alcohol and/or drugs may be the first requirement. Keep in mind these courses can last from 18-24 months. Those required to attend will also be expected to be at all classes and arrive on time ready to submit to alcohol and/or drug testing, conducted randomly throughout the course. They will also be required to complete homework assignments, and in some cases, bring a family member to some of the classes.