If I got a DUI in another state will I have to go to court or will my attorney handle it all?

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If I got a DUI in another state will I have to go to court or will my attorney handle it all?


Getting a DUI in another state does not always mean you have to appear in court in that state. You need to consult with an attorney licensed to practice in the state where you received the DUI to determine if you need to show up in person or whether you can send the attorney to appear on your behalf to defend you.  If you don’t use an attorney and fail to show up, the court could find a decision against you by default and revoke or suspend your license depending on their state laws. Many states have recriprocity laws that they recognize. If you get pulled over for a traffic offense in your state, you could be arrested for driving with a suspended or revoked license. The state where you received the DUI could request that you be extradited for failing to show up to your hearing date.  Also, you would not be able to renew your car insurance or registration in your home state until you get your license back.  So you can see that getting an out of state DUI can be just as serious as getting one in your home state and may cause you more problems because you now have to deal with the laws in two states.  

Getting an out of state DUI is a serious matter, and you should hire an attorney in the state where you received the DUI to handle the matter for you and represent you in court. The attorney can explain the DUI laws and what penalties and sentence you may face if you are convicted.  If you have an attorney defending you in an out of state DUI matter, you have a better chance of getting the charges reduced or dismissed. 

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