How long is probation in Pennsylvania for a first DUI?


How long is probation in Pennsylvania for a first DUI?


Anytime someone is arrested on a DUI charge in the state of Pennsylvania, his first concern should be the possible jail term of up to six months for a first offense under Pennsylvania DUI laws. This and other penalties for a DUI in Pennsylvania can differ based on a number of factors including the defendant's BAC and the number of offenses the defendant has.

If the DUI was in fact the defendant’s first offense and it’s shown that he or she has not had a prior conviction inside the last 7 years, a term of probation that matches what would be the appropriate jail sentence may be used to offer the driver a way to stay out of jail, provided his or her release doesn’t result in a subsequent charge within a specified time frame. For instance, in a typical DUI case where the defendant has no prior convictions, the judge may order probation in lieu of a jail sentence, with the stipulation that the driver not get into any trouble while the probation order remains intact.  

Along with facing a possible jail sentence or having to report to a probation officer once or even twice a week, a driver who has been convicted of a DUI charge may also receive a fine of anywhere from $300.00 to $5,000.00 depending on the reported BAC at the time of the driver’s arrest. It is thus very important to get appropriate help from a DUI defense attorney upon being arrested for a DUI.