What is a Victim Impact Panel in Texas?


What is a Victim Impact Panel in Texas?


A victim impact panel is a potential sentence for a DUI charge, in addition to other penalties such as jail time, community service, the loss of your license and probation. A victim impact panel means that you must go to a specific panel at a specific location for a specific period of time. The panel will be made up of people who have been victims of drunk driving in some way, or whose lives have been impacted by drunk driving.

The purpose of a victim impact panel is to make those who drive drunk aware of the fact that their actions have very real consequences. The victims may discuss how they were injured themselves, how a drunk driving caused them to lose a family member, or anything else that they wish to share about their story of how drunk driving has harmed them.

IF you are found guilty of DUI, required attendance at a victim impact panel may be a part of your sentence so that you will hopefully be persuaded not to drive drunk in the future.

While attending a victim impact panel may not be pleasant for you, it is one of the less serious consequences you face of a DUI. Because of the myriad of potentially serious penalties you face, it is imperative you consult with a lawyer to get help in dealing with the DUI charges against you.