If you left the scene of an accident because you were intoxicated, what happens later?


If you crash your car while driving fairly intoxicated and leave the scene of the accident and later claim your car, what can I be charged with?



It can be a pretty common thing for DUI drivers to leave the scene of the accident immediately after it happens to avoid being charged with a DUI. It can be a fairly risky choice and if caught leaving the scene, you can be charged with both “Leaving the Scene of an Accident” and a DUI charge as well. However, if you left the scene of the accident to get help and went back to the scene to find police arresting you due to your DUI, you may have a valid defense with a skilled DUI attorney. For example, you may appear to be impaired and fail certain field sobriety tests, however you can defend that claim stating you were impaired due to injuries and being "shaken up" by the accident. This has been a common defense in several similar cases. However, It would be wise to not leave the scene, and if charged with a DUI, just hire an attorney to defend your case.