I failed the Field Sobriety Test because it was very cold and was accused of a DUI, do I have a Defense?


I was pulled over for having broken lens on driver side brake light, however it being still quite functional. Then I was given a field sobriety test in 14 degree weather and was found to be under the influence, and consequently taken to the detention center where I was written two tickets and never read my Miranda Rights....and then let go with no obligation what so ever rather than my court appearance.



There are three main forms of Field Sobriety tests, all of which have an accuracy rate between 68-75% according to studies and research. Thus, under this scientific fact, 25-32% of those arrested for failing Field Sobriety tests could have been possibly wrongfully accused. There are several factors that can influence your performance during a field sobriety test such as physical injuries, being intimidated or nervous, distracted by passing by traffic, wearing high heels, distracting weather conditions (cold, windy, rainy), and more.

Also, one bit of information you have not included is if they had taken a breathalyzer or blood test to determine your BAC which would be a crucial piece of evidence.