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Under Vermont DUI laws, you do not have much time to fight the charges you are facing. If you are charged with DUI, hiring a Vermont DUI lawyer is one of the most important things you can do. These experts are able to fight charges, often being able to get them reduced and sometimes dropped. It is critical not to wait.

Vermont Blood Alcohol Concentration Laws

Under Vermont laws, a police officer will use his judgment to determine if you are driving impaired. This may come from your poor driving pattern, failed field sobriety tests and/or your appearance (smell or look impaired.)

In addition, Vermont police will likely request a chemical to determine your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). If your BAC is .08 percent or higher, this will result in DUI charges. Unlike other states, Vermont does not have an enhanced penalty law for high BAC.

Implied Consent in Vermont

Driving on roadways in Vermont means you agree to the state's implied consent laws. Under these laws, if a police officer suspects you are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they are able to obtain a chemical test to determine your impairment. A chemical test includes a blood, urine or breath test.

If you refuse a chemical test, you will immediately lose your driver's license for six months. This doubles if it is your second refusal.

1st DUI Offense

A first offense of Vermont laws will warrant the following penalties:

  • Minimum 90 day driver's license suspension
  • Successful completion of an alcohol and driving education program is required (at your expense!)
  • Fines up to $750
  • Jail time up to 2 years
  • Alcohol and drug screening program is also required, therapy may also be
  • Misdemeanor charge

2nd DUI Offense

Vermont does not have a look back period. This means, if you are convicted for the second time for DUI, you will face second offense penalties:

  • Fine of $1500
  • Jail time up to 2 years
  • Credit may be received if you are placed into a residential alcohol or drug facility and complete the program successfully
  • 200 hours of community service
  • 18 month driver's license suspension
  • Vehicle immobilization
  • Misdemeanor charge

3rd DUI Offense

A third offense will warrant the following Vermont DUI penalties:

  • License may be revoked for life
  • $2500 fine
  • Up to 50 years in jail
  • 400 hours of community service and 100 consecutive hours of imprisonment cannot be reduced
  • Vehicle is immobilized
  • Misdemeanor charge

Hire a Vermont DUI Lawyer

Due to the criticalness of the DUI charges in Vermont, it is imperative that you work with a Vermont DUI lawyer to fight these charges. These experts have been successful at getting charges reduced or dropped altogether. It is critical that you work quickly to get this done.

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