Can You Get a DUI Without Driving?

Everyone knows that you can get a driving DUI because there is no question that driving under the influence is both illegal and dangerous.  Not everyone knows that you can get a DUI if you are in your car, over the legal blood alcohol limit, and not driving.  You should know that you can get a DUI without driving because you could be in a situation someday where you are trying to do the responsible thing and end up with a DUI.

Do DUIs Without Driving Really Happen?

They certainly do.  There have been people with blood alcohol levels over the legal limit who were sound asleep in their cars without the keys in the ignition who have been charged with DUIs.  There have also been cases where people got DUIs when they had the car on for the radio or even for the heat in the middle of winter. 

Why Would Someone Get A DUI If They Weren't Driving?

There could be the intention to drive.  The truth is that no one should drink and drive and safe transportation arrangements should always be made before any alcohol is consumed.  Safe driving is a basic responsibility of all drivers.

Should You Be Able To Get A DUI Without Driving?

Whether you should be able to get a DUI without driving is immaterial.  The law says you can get one so you have to avoid this situation.  The law is meant to protect everyone from the potentially devastating effects of someone deciding to drive when drunk.

Getting The Help Of A Lawyer

Your lawyer may be able to help if you are in this situation.  Because you were not actually driving you may be able to secure lesser penalties or perhaps even a dropped DUI charge.  A DUI without driving is always a tricky situation.

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