How Many Drunk Driving Charges Before Jail?

Drunk driving charges are serious. Conviction can result in a jail term. It is therefore important that you defend the drunk driving charges against you.

Drunk Driving

You will be charged with DUI if you are caught driving a vehicle while your blood alcohol concentration is 0.08% or more. In all states the legal blood alcohol concentration is less than 0.08%. When you indulge in drunk driving, you not only put your life in danger, but you also endanger the lives of others on the road.

Jail Term for First Time Offenders

Jail term, hefty fines, license suspension, community service and counseling are just some of the penalties for drunk driving. Your previous record will play an important role in determining the penalty. Even first time offenders can be sent to jail. However if it is your first time and you have a clean record, you may be able to escape a jail term. Often first time offenders are let off with a heavy fine and a warning. Whether of not you will be sent to jail for a first time drunk driving offence will depend on many factors:

  • Your blood alcohol concentration – If your blood alcohol concentration is just over the legal limit, then you may be able to avoid jail term.
  • Your place of arrest – If you are caught at a construction site or near a military base, then you can be sent to jail even for your first offence.
  • Other offenses you are charged with – If you are charged with other traffic offenses along with drunk driving, there are chances of you being sent to jail.

Subsequent Offense

If it is your second offense, then you are more likely to be sent to jail. Every subsequent offense increases the chances of a jail term. If you cause an accident while driving drunk, you will be charged with an aggravated or felony DUI and will be sent to jail on conviction.

Getting Legal Help

Don’t take chances with a drunk driving charge. Your liberty is at stake. Consult with an experienced drunk driving attorney.

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