How To Beat A DUI Charge

If you have been arrested for a charge of drunk driving or driving under the influence, you are no doubt facing heavy fines, loss of your license, and possibly even prison time.  What options do you have to try to beat DUI charges if you believe that they are incorrect or otherwise invalid?  How can you beat a DUI charge when you have so much of your life on the line if you are convicted?  There are a number of different methods to beat a DUI charge that you and your lawyer should examine in order to see if any of the methods will work for you.

Tips on Beating a DUI Charge

  • You will want to determine how the arresting officer tested you to see if you were under the influence. 

Standard methods for field sobriety testing (such as making you walk in a straight line, etc.) are considered to be only about 65 percent accurate.  If the arresting officer made the determination to arrest you based on the results of these tests, you may not actually have been intoxicated, especially if you suffer from vertigo, or are handicapped, elderly, or overweight – all factors that can negatively affect the results of these types of tests.

  • Another grounds on which you can base your attempt to beat a DUI charge is that the stop was illegal or invalid. 

What means did the officer making the traffic stop use to determine that he had a legally valid right to pull you over?  If it was for something like the fact that you were not wearing your seatbelt, or that you were talking on your cell phone, you may be able to beat the charge by stating that the stop was illegal and was not based on any probable cause.  If you use this method, anything that happened after the stop, such as the officer’s assessment that you were driving drunk, has to be thrown out and cannot be considered in court.

  • You might also want to ask for the squad car video tapes taken by the arresting officer as he pulled you over, so that you and your lawyer can analyze them to determine if the officer’s claims are valid. 

For example, the officer might state that you were driving erratically or that he stopped you because a tail light was out in your car.  If the video does not prove that his statements are correct, you can beat the DUI charge by countering the evidence using the officer’s own video records as your proof.

Getting Legal Help

If you want to beat DUI charges brought against you, you need the help of an experienced criminal attorney. Your attorney can assist you in making arguments, gathering your evidence and introducing reasonable doubt so you can be found innocent of unfair charges.