How To Get A DUI Dropped For Prescribed Medications

Do you know how to get a DUI dropped when you got the DUI because of prescription medications?  Many people do not even realize that you can get a DUI for a medication that was prescribed by a doctor but you can.  And if you do then you need to know how you might be able to get that DUI dropped. 

Prove You Weren't Affected By Your Medications

To get your DUI for prescribed medications dropped then you can say that you were not affected by the medication in any way that impaired your ability to drive.  One of the best ways to prove this is to show the court a list of the medications' potential side effects to indicate that none of the side effects would have impaired your ability to drive.  Of course, this tactic only works if none of the side effects would have affected your driving.  You can also state when you took your medications if this shows that they wore off before the incident in question.

What You Need To Realize

What you need to realize is that the fact that the medications were prescribed by a doctor will not protect you.  You should always see how medications affect you before driving while taking them and most medications that could impair your ability to drive indicate this.  Some people think that because the medications were prescribed that you cannot get a DUI but the very definition of a DUI includes prescription medications.  To get a DUI dropped in this type of situation you need to prove that you were not under any influence that affected your driving. 

You Need An Attorney

You need an attorney because these situations are complicated.  Proving that medications did not impair your driving is not easy so you need a professional.  Let an attorney work with you to get your DUI for prescribed medications dropped.

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