Ways To Get A DUI Charge Thrown Out of Court

If you have been charged with a DUI, it will be of course a major concern. However, by seeking assistance form an experienced DUI lawyer who can protect your rights, there are many ways to defend your case and get your charge thrown out of court.  While it won't always work, a lawyer who knows how to get a DUI dropped may be able to save you the cost and embarrassment of a DUI conviction.  

How to Get a DUI Dropped

  • Challenge the Evidence Presented - Discrediting the evidence is the quickest way of getting the charges thrown out of court. Police officers are not immune to mistakes, especially during the investigation process. Your DUI lawyer can capitalize on such mistakes. Mistakes can be as minor as you having a piece of gum in your mouth while taking the breath test.
  • Question Certification - Another means to discredit evidence occurs when, during the administering of tests, the person conducting or operating the machine is not certified or qualified in accordance to the law of the state. If so, the test becomes invalid. Requiring evidence of the officer’s certification oftentimes leads to the dismissal of the charge. It may also be possible hat the blood testing conducted at the police station may not have followed the prescribed set of rules for testing and analysis.
  • Probable Cause - Another possible error is when the police officer lacked probable cause in pulling you over. This results in all tests and evidence collected being thrown out of court.

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Behave Responsibly

When trying to get a DUI dropped, this is no time to act immaturely. Do not miss your court date. Missing your court date will get you into deep trouble. This will not only prevent your case from being dismissed, but you will be facing more penalties and higher fines as punishment. If you want those charges thrown out of court, be responsible and show up in court.

Part of good behavior in court is dressing appropriately. Always dress the part when attending a court date. Your attorney will attempt to present you as a responsible citizen. If you show up in court in a pair of torn jeans and an old, wrinkled shirt, do you think the judge will see you as an honorable citizen?

Hire an Experienced DUI Lawyer

You alone cannot defend yourself properly in court. Invest in a good attorney to protect your rights. A qualified DUI attorney will know the ropes on how to challenge the evidence collected, will know how to detect flaws in the case, and is knowledgeable about court proceedings. They are also skilled in determining the best way to keep your driver’s license.

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