Steps To Get License Back After a DUI Charge

One of obvious consequences of getting a DUI charge is losing your driver’s license for a period of time. Each state has its own laws regarding DUI penalties, including when the revocation of your license will take effect, how long the revocation will last, and the requirements for what steps to get license back after criminal DUI charges.

Steps to Get License Back after Criminal DUI Charges

  • After being arrested for a DUI, educate yourself about your state laws and policies regarding DUI and license revocation and it may be wise to seek advice from a DUI lawyer who is knowledgeable about the laws in your state. Gather all the information you will need in order to have your license reinstated, and to help make the entire process flow smoother, follow these basic steps: 
  • Be sure to attend and finish all the programs and classes that the judge has ordered you to complete. Judges involved in DUI cases will often order offenders to attend DUI schools or an alcohol awareness program. Offenders must complete these programs and classes in order to have their driver’s licenses reinstated.  
  • You must call your auto insurance agent. It is important that you inquire about whether your state will require a SR-22 form for you to show you are sufficiently covered. If it is required by the state, have them fill out your form and have it sent to the Secretary of State or the DMV.  
  • Attend your DMV hearing. Some states will require offenders to attend a hearing before their driver’s licenses can be reinstated. This is typically a general rule, especially if your DUI charge is a second offense. 
  • Pay the license reinstatement fee. The amount will vary depending on state so to be certain, contact the Secretary of State’s office or the local DMV. You have to pay the fine in order to get your license back. 

It may be very tempting but do not even attempt to drive while your driver’s license is still suspended. The suspension period for a first-time violation is approximately 90 days to a year. The purpose of the suspension is to teach the driver the value of owning a license and the importance of responsible driving. Driving without a valid license is punishable by law and you will be fined. The court may also extend the period of suspension for your license. If you will repeatedly drive without a license, it may be revoked.   

Getting Help

Never attempt to handle your case alone. Hiring a DUI attorney will help expedite the reinstatement process of your driver’s license. The knowledge and skills of a qualified lawyer will help guide you through all steps and paperwork required for you to be able to legally drive again. 

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